Sports & Entertainment


Entertainment Law

  • Applications for performance licenses
  • Secondment agreements, short-term employment contracts and work Permits for foreign artists
  • Creation of Chinese, Hong Kong and other Asian businesses for entertainment companies
  • Customs and shipping logistics and/or legal support regarding the same
  • Trademark and Patent applications in China, Thailand and Asia
  • Legal research on local and national labor, contact, corporate, and other laws in China, Hong Kong and Thailand
  • Assistance with negotiating and drafting contracts for marketing and merchandising deals and purchasers of entertainment shows
  • Legal research and assistance with real estate transactions and local and international tax issues
  • Dispute resolution

Sports Law

  • Establishment of Chinese, Hong Kong and other Asian and off-shore corporate structures for sports businesses
  • International mergers,  acquisitions and restructurings
  • Arbitration proceedings before FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • Advising and acting for players during transfers and contract negotiations
  • Acting for clubs and managers on employment issues, including the negotiation of contracts and settlement agreements
  • Setting contractual and disciplinary disputes between teams and players and intermediaries
  • Advising teams, associations and individuals on regulatory and disciplinary matters in China, Asia and internationally
  • Drafting sponsorship, merchandising and licensing agreements and legal advice regarding the same
  • Structuring Variable Interest Entity arrangements whereby a WFOE exercises de facto control over a Chinese company through contractual arrangements involving the Chinese company borrowing funds from the WFOE and pledging their company’s shares as collateral.