China Overseas Investment


Overseas investments by Chinese companies have rapidly increased as Chinese businesses have expanded into new markets seeking to develop advanced technologies and acquire energy, resources and brand names and Chinese individuals frequently invest into overseas real estate or immigration investment projects. At the same time, economic policies and the current business climate is encouraging Chinese businesses to invest into Thailand, Singapore and Southeast Asia. Due to these economic factors, our China Overseas Investment Group has been called upon by our clients at an increasing rate during recent years.

Our China Outbound Investment Group was established to provide guidance to our Chinese, and Hong Kong clients to help them understand the legal, cultural and business environments of the overseas countries in which they invest. Our lawyers, with qualifications, experience and language skills in multiple jurisdictions, regularly advise our Chinese clients on complex issues confronting their overseas projects. We have extensive experience assisting Chinese companies with their outbound investments projects (e.g. purchasing residential and commercial properties, participating in investment immigration programs and acquiring or investing into private and public companies in Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia).

Our China Outbound Investment Group regularly provides the following services:

  • Research and evaluation of the legal and regulatory environment in the overseas countries in which our Chinese, Hong Kong clients invest
  • Determining suitable investment regions and designing optimal investment structures
  • Drafting, reviewing, modifying investment contracts and participating in negotiations
  • Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and stock market listings
  • Obtaining the approvals from the Chinese government authorities (MOFCOM, NDRC and SAFE) our Chinese clients may require prior to making outbound investments
  • Coordinating due diligence and assessing legal risk, including assistance with selection of and coordination with international legal counsel, in-house counsel, financial advisers, investment bankers, private equity funds and securities firms
  • Establishing offshore companies and providing tax planning services
  • Assisting clients with project closings and post-transaction work
  • Assistance with international trade transactions
  • Advising on immigration policies in the jurisdictions in which our clients invest
  • Assisting with legal work and documentation associated with real estate transactions
  • Wills, estate, wealth and tax planning services in foreign jurisdictions
  • Research on tax and other incentives for small and medium-sized businesses or companies that operate in particular business sectors (e.g. high-tech or environmental)
  • Legal advisory work regarding employment matters, intellectual property protection, project finance, securities, capital market regulations and licensing, foreign investment law, competition and antitrust and other regulatory matters