Asian Market-Entry Services


Asian Market-Entry Services

There are a variety of ways in which a company can enter the Asian business markets but a well-constructed approach to market-entry is crucial. The list of factors to consider upon market-entry is extensive and the insight of TCCLegal’s localized knowledge, along with the advice provided by our law, finance and business experts may be valuable information for international business professionals who require assistance with their market-entry plans in Asia.

No one market-entry strategy works for all international markets and this is especially true for businesses that are established in Asia. Direct exporting may be the most appropriate strategy in one market while in another market licensing manufacturing may be the best choice and in another market setting up a joint venture is the only or most effective solution. There will be a number of factors to consider when entering the Asian markets; such as, marketing and transportation costs, registered capital requirements upon the establishment of a business, administrative burdens of complying with local tax and accounting and other laws, political stability, risk of intellectual property theft, corporate income tax and duty rates, foreign exchange controls and withholding taxes when profits are remitted to overseas corporate headquarters.

When initially conceptualizing market-entry strategies into Asia, we take into account the above-mentioned considerations, and can help our clients choose the appropriate location for their operations and a tax-optimal business structure, assist with the preparation of business plans, assess market potential, growth and competition, carry out cost–benefit and risk analysis and conduct other market research activities.

Rather than applying a one size fits all approach, we sit down with our clients and spend time to listen to them and evaluate how we can tailor a service package especially suited to their needs. Along with our network of legal, finance and business consulting experts, TCCLegal has the capability to assist with a broad-range of market-entry consulting services including:

  • Business Matching
    • Introducing private equity, other investment funds and high net-worth individuals to businesses that require investment
    • Identifying, screening and arranging meetings with potential business partners and customers for our clients
    • Matching North American or European business owners with private or state-owned businesses in Asia that are seeking foreign technologies or interested in expanding their businesses internationally
    • Assistance with negotiations in multiple languages
    • Introducing Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese and Thai business owners to immigration investment projects and overseas business projects that require investment
  • Customers Service Outsourcing (Call Center)
    • Our network in Southeast Asia provides outsourced call-center services to assist with billing and payments, product orders and sales, consumer product information requests, warranty inquiries and general technical support
  • Factory Inspections
    • Legal and financial due diligence
    • Confirm assets and existing liabilities of a factory
    • Assess the risk of intellectual property theft
    • Investigate quality control measures and workplace safety
    • Inspection of goods prior to shipment
  • General Business Services
    • Assistance with contract negotiations and contract translations (in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, English and other Asian languages)
    • Applications for permits (work permits, visas, import/export permits, industry specific permits and all other necessary licenses for business operations)
    • Change of directors
    • Provision of local resident directors and other board members
  • Industry Specific Consulting
    • Agriculture
    • Environment
    • Food sourcing, safety and quality
    • Medical devices
    • Renewable Energy
    • Restaurant Franchise Expansion
    • Robotics
  • Information Technology
    • Web domain registrations
    • Work-in-progress inventory tracking software for factories
    • Enterprise resource planning software for trading and other companies
    • Point of Sale systems for retailers
  • Marketing
    • Assisting clients with locating and making arrangements to attend relevant trade fairs
    • Advice regarding online marketing in Asia
    • Assisting clients with publishing online advertisements on Asian marketing platforms
    • Translation of business presentation documents in multiple languages
    • Brand consultation and expansion
  • Market-Entry Services
    • Market-entry research reports
    • Provision of a temporary business entity to “test” the Chinese and other Asia markets (some of our client’s secure business opportunities prior to establishing a company so we provide interim solutions to help our clients secure business contracts prior to establishing their own business entities in Asia)
    • Cross-cultural workshops to educate business professionals on regular business practices in different Asian countries and to help bridge unavoidable communication gaps while doing business in a foreign country
  • Property and Real Estate
    • Assistance with locating and purchasing or leasing an office or warehouse in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines
    • Provision of temporary conference and meeting rooms
    • Completion of legal documentation associated with the sale of residential and commercial properties
    • Representing Japanese clients with the sale of properties in Hong Kong and China
    • Provision of registered offices, mailing addresses and safe-keeping of corporate documents
    • Obtaining new land title certificate and other documents if such documents have been lost
    • Determining if properties are subject to liens, mortgages and other charges