We Offer International Legal, Finance and Business Services to Canadian and Chinese Businesses and Citizens with the Highest Level of Ethics and Professionalism

Introduction to our Firm

Shanghai-based TCCLegal is a member of the Trocadeleyo Group, which is a multi-jurisdiction and multi-disciplinary network of professional organizations that offers its clients legal and business services throughout much of Asia and in Canada from our offices in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Myanmar. In China, TCCLEGAL specializes in offering combined legal and business services to small-to-medium sized Canadian businesses entering or operating in China and assist Chinese business with legal and business services in Canada, Thailand and offshore. We also provide legal services for Canadian individuals living in China and for Chinese individuals, such as establishing corporations in Canada, offshore wealth preservation structures, locating and purchasing properties in Canada and Thailand and Canadian mortgage and notary services.

Professional and highly-trained lawyers and finance experts leading teams of local specialists

TCCLegal combines international experience with local knowledge to implement creative, practical and cost effective solutions for our clients. Our leading partners are experienced international lawyers who have practiced in various disciplines at top-tier multinational law, accounting and business consultancy firms in Canada, America, England, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our partners recruit and manage or work with teams of highly skilled and locally qualified experts who are fluent in multiple languages and have in-depth knowledge of laws, political systems and business customs in Asia.

Combined legal, accounting, finance and business service packages

Our original offices were law firms, and legal and dispute resolution services are the main and fundamental services we have and will continue to offer, but since the majority of our clients are small-to-midsized businesses, our clients find it practical and cost-effective to have one firm to provide multiple services. As a result, we provide accounting, finance and business consulting services to compliment the services that are provided by our lawyers. Our professionals take pride in helping our clients establish, operate and continually expand their businesses in Asia and we provide high-quality services for reasonable fees.

Legal and Business Services in Canada, China, Thailand and Asia

  • Business Law
  • Legal Research
  • Contract Drafting (English and Chinese)
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • IP Theft Prevention & Solutions
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Tax and Wealth Planning
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • International Family Law
  • Trademark and Patent Registrations
  • Incorporation (China, HK, Singapore, Thailand, Asia, Canada)
  • Off-Shore Incorporation (Caymanys, Jersey, BVI, Seychelles)
  • Trademark Registration
  • Accounting and Tax Services
  • Market-Entry Business Services
  • Canadian Notary Services
  • International Trade
  • Applications for Permits and Licenses
  • Language Translation
  • Immigration and Work Visas
  • Fingerprinting and Criminal Record Checks
  • Location & Sale of Residential Property in Canada, Thailand and China
  • Canadian Bank and Private Mortgages
  • Notarization for Canadian Property Closings
  • Introductions to Canadian Property Developers
  • Matching Chinese Investors with Overseas Property Developments
  • Virtual Office Leases for WFOE and JV in China
  • Registered Address for Companies in Hong Kong
  • Incubator office for Employees in China and Thailand
  • Replacement of Misplaced Land Title Certificates
  • China Manufacturing for Export Services
  • Applications for Import/Export Licenses
  • Customs Clearance and Shipping Documentation Preparation
  • Canada-China Shipping Logistics Services
  • Legal Research on Labelling and Licensing Requirements
  • Packaging, Labelling and Printing Services
  • Factory Location and Inspection Services
  • Combined Legal, Finance and Business Services for Canadian Businesses in China
  • Legal Services for Chinese Businesses in Thailand and SE Asia
  • Sport & Entertainment Law Services in China
  • Legal and Business Services for Canada-China International Trade
  • Services for Canadian Individuals Living in China
  • Legal Services for International Agriculture Companies in China
  • Market-Entry Services for Small and Mid-Sized Canadian Businesses in China
  • Legal Services
  • Incorporations
  • Trademarks & IP Protection
  • Accounting and Tax
  • Employment & Human Resources
  • China Market-Entry Business Consulting
  • Legal Services
  • Intellectual Property, IT AND Fintech
  • Family Law and Notary Services
  • Sports Law FIFA claims & CAS cases
  • Cryptocurrency and Digital Currencies
  • Cross Border Investment Advisory Services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Business Consulting
  • Tax filing and advisory services
  • Human Resources
  • Retirement Planning in Thailand
  • Canadian Notarization Services
  • Property purchases in Canada and Thailand
  • Foreign Work permits applications
  • Fingerprinting services
  • Divorce for Canadian citizens living in China
  • Employment dispute resolution
  • PRC Permanent residence cards applications
  • Drafting Wills
  • Wealth Planning Services
  • Company establishment in Canada

Professional and highly-trained lawyers and finance experts leading teams of local specialists

Combined legal, accounting, finance and business service packages

Services for Canadian Businesses in China and Hong Kong

Legal Services

  • Industry Specific Legal Research
  • English/Chinese Contract Drafting
  • M&A and Due Diligence
  • Litigation and Arbitration

Trademarks & IP Protection

  • Trademark Registration
  • Patent and Copyright Filing
  • Intellectual Property Protection

Employment & Human Resources

  • Employment Contracts
  • Payroll and Bank Account Opening
  • Social Insurance for Employees


  • WFOEs, JVs and M&A in China
  • Incorporate in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canadaa BVI, Caymans, Jersey, Seychelles

Accounting and Tax

  • Mandatory Tax Filings
  • English/Chinese Financial Statements
  • Remitting China Profits Overseas
  • Tax Research and Advice

China Market-Entry Consulting

  • Market Research Reports
  • Competition Analysis Reports
  • Introductions to Customers & Partners
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Incubator Offices for Employees

Accounting, Tax, Compliance and Human Resources Services to Complement our Legal Services

Due to unique and mandatory tax-filing and other regulatory compliance laws in Asia, the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) we assist often require outsourced support with back-office administration, accounting, tax and corporate compliance. Since the majority of our clients are SMEs that require both legal and accounting services; to respond to their needs, the lawyers in our offices work alongside our finance and accounting experts to establish accounting management systems for our clients. Our professionals continue to administer these management systems until our clients are ready to hire internal staff to complete accounting and administrative tasks in-house or we alternatively continue to provide long-term outsourced accounting and/or administrative support.







Sports & Entertainment Law

Our Sports and Entertainment practice group is led by Shanghai-based Paul Moysiuk and Thailand-Based Christophe Larrouilh.

Paul played varsity football at Western University in London, Ontario where he began to develop his skill in sports and entertainment law under the mentorship Richard McLaren, who is renowned for his specialization in sports law and was recently a member of a panel commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency to investigate allegations of state-sponsored doping in Russian sports. Paul has provided services to amateur and professional athletes across a range of sports and assisted with a variety of high-profile sports arbitrations. He also specializes in providing legal and business services to sports and entertainment companies that are or have recently expanded into the Chinese and Asian markets.

Paul Fooball copy
Olympic Acrobats

Christophe was in charge of Thailand Premier League BEC Tero Sasana from 2008 to 2009. He had been in charge of the JMG Academy for 5 years and was working for JMG academies in Madagascar and Ivory Coast. He specializes in international sports arbitrations and regulatory matters with a particular focus on football. Christophe has represented clubs in legal proceedings in the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and Court of Arbitration for Sport, has advised high-profile sports individuals, clubs and organizations on disciplinary issues, contractual, regulatory matters and managerial appointments and departures, has negotiated and drafted commercial and employment contracts for athletes and teams and transfer and settlement agreements for football clubs and players.

International Trade

Manufacturing for Export

Customs Clearance

Legal Services


  • Manufacturing for Export
  • Factory Selection and Vetting
  • Patent Applications
  • Trademark Registrations
  • Shipping Logistics and Customs Clearance Services
  • Warehousing Solutions
  • Labeling and Packaging (Research and Services)
  • Location of Product Suppliers
  • Import/Export License Applications
  • Product Inspection Prior to Export

China Manufacturing for Export

China is an important jurisdiction for many businesses engaging in international trade. Manufacturing exports have played a large role in helping China emerge as the second largest world economy.

A large number of the clients our lawyers assists are involved in international trade and our own internal business team is currently manufacturing exporting medical devices to North America as well.

We focus on sourcing products and manufacturing in China for overseas export for clients who request our services. Our quality inspection teams are precise and accustomed to ensuring that manufactured products meet all the technical specifications required by our customers or clients. Our souring experts have relationships with excellent manufacturers and can locate the right factory for a wide variety of products.

Canadian Exports to China

Manufacturing for export has fueled growth, and due to higher disposable income levels in China, the country is expected to become the world’s largest importer over the next few years.  Through imports, China can effectively adjust its economic structure from one oriented primarily towards export to one driven by domestic consumption.

Aside from manufacturing custom-made products or souring products from China to overseas, we also assist Canadian companies who are exporting products that are in high demand by China’s ever rapidly expanding consumer market, such as food and agriculture products, products and services that improve the environment and technologies that contributing to China’s rapid internationalization.

Real Estate Services in Canada and Thailand

The Canadian and Thai real estate markets are rich with opportunity. Perhaps you are a Chinese buyer looking to purchase an investment property in Canada or Thailand or you may simply wish to purchase a property for your children who are moving to Canada for school. Regardless of why you would like to take advantage of the Canadian real estate market, Chinese buyers such as yourself face a host of obstacles.   Without local expertise the task of finding and acquiring a high quality property can be extremely challenging.

Our property group consists of Canadian, Thai and Chinese lawyers, finance and property experts who offer a one stop, turn-key service to assist Chinese buyers with purchasing properties in Canada and Thailand. We are committed to provide seamless and high-quality client service to Chinese purchasers looking to purchase property in Canada and Thailand. Our dedicated team provides a client focused experience focusing on each individual’s particular needs and desires.  Our rich expertise makes the process of purchasing a property in Canada or Thailand an extremely simple and seamless for you as a purchaser.

Market-Entry Strategic Analysis

We will work with you to find the exact property that fits your needs. Our local experts have intimate knowledge of each of the builders, projects and properties in Canada and Thailand. This local knowledge can be the difference between a successful investment and a poor investment. Our local experts will assist in negotiating the best price available for your property. Our local experts also have access to investments that are not available to others.  These properties are not listed on various online portals.  They come at reduced prices as a result of close relationships between our company and the developer of these properties.

Transaction Advisory Services

We will help you navigate through Canadian, Thai and PRC laws associated with your property closing and help you reduce taxes and assist with all legal aspects of your purchase.

Notary Services

Notary services. Our Canadian lawyers in Shanghai and our French and Thai lawyers in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Hua Hin provide a full range of notary services associated with property closing transactions.

Customized One-Stop Services

If you require any other services, we can help source mortgages, insurance and even tenants for your property.  We provide a customized one stop service that meets every one of your needs.  This is the difference between our company and using an online portal to purchase a property without proper guidance.

Our Process

You will work with a lawyer in Shanghai to close your property acquisition. Your lawyer in Shanghai will in turn will work with your Canadian or Thai lawyer to navigate through local laws regarding the purchase and sale transaction. You will also receive some of the best local knowledge available with respect to the Canadian real estate market and where is best to invest.  During our first meeting you will meet with our legal counsel in Shanghai who will discuss the various steps of the process.  You are also welcome to review some of the recent deals that are only available to our clients. We have a portfolio of properties to introduce.

Please come meet with us for a free 30 minute consultation.

Notarization Services

We complete notarizations for property purchases and sales in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Services for Individuals, Families and Business Owners

We complete notarizations for property purchases and sales in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and provide a full range of services regarding the purchase and sale of properties in Canada and Thailand.

  • Foreign Work permits applications
  • PRC Permanent residence cards applications
  • Fingerprinting services
  • Notarizations for child travel consent forms
  • Family Law (divorce, separation, division of assets, child custody and visitation rights)
  • Drafting Wills
  • Divorce for Canadian citizens living in China
  • Employment disputes (analysis of employment contracts to determine your legal rights, settlements, negotiations with employers
  • Review of commercial and other contracts
  • Property purchases in Canada and Thailand
  • Establishing small business in Canada
  • Legal research and introductions to our lawyers when you visit Canada
  • We help individuals, families and business owners with succession and personal tax and wealth planning, often using wills, lasting powers of attorney, trusts, off-shore companies and foundations to protect wealth for the future
  • Our offices in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Hua Hin offer a full range of services for individuals retiring in Thailand, such as relocation, real estate, family law and inheritance
  • Assistance with property purchasing and all legal aspects with the purchase and sale of property
  • Work and residence permit applications
  • Human resources services designed to help small businesses solve their recruitment challenges in ASEAN
  • Tax structuring and bank account opening
  • Debt collection
  • Family law (marriage, adoption, divorce, wills, Inheritance, etc.)
  • Notarizations

Thailand, Myanmar & Southeast Asia Services


T rocadelyo provides the appropriate Legal Advice Pertaining to your Interests


O ur experts specialize in Family Law, Notary Services, Dispute Resolution and Sports Law


A lthough our main focus is providing legal services, some clients require a range of services, so we provide HR, tax and other business services


R egulatory advice on Thailand’s Fast-developing Financial and IP Systems is a focus area for our lawyers


C onsultants in our business group studied at high ranked international schools and have broad range of experience


Trocadelyo Legal (Phuket) provides legal services and cross-border investment advisory to clients. The main legal practice focuses on relocation, real estate, family law, and inheritance. The business consulting part encompass market entry and access to Thailand through this southern province business forum and events such as “Living in Phuket”. Our clients in Phuket can be assured they are obtaining the appropriate advice pertaining to their interests.


Set-up in 2015 in Banglamung, Troca STA is the law firm of the group for the Eastern Sea Board and the newly launched Eastern Economic Corridor (Thailand 4.0). The legal practice focuses on family law, inheritance, real estate, and corporate.


Trocadelyo Legal Services Myanmar provides business consulting and cross-border investment advisory to clients. Our clients are from the transportation, logistic, telecom, and hospitality management sector. M&A and contract work are among the regular inquiries in Myanmar.


Trocadelyo’s Business Matching Company, registered in Bangkok, is a venture regrouping the expertise of individual partners with extensive business connections and experience in South East Asia, Europe, and Africa.


Trocadelyo HR  offers Human Resources (HR) services, labor advisory and inbound and outbound assistance designed for companies to solve their recruitment challenges in ASEAN. Trocadelyo HR provides HR consulting to retain talented people while complying with legal, and immigration and migration framework.


Our leading partners are experienced international lawyers and business professionals who have practiced at top-tier Canadian and multinational firms. Our partners are based in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Canada and our teams in each country consist of highly skilled locally qualified lawyers, finance professionals and business experts.


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Personalized and High-Quality Services On Time

Not only is our fee structure competitive, whether our clients are individuals, small to medium-sized enterprises or larger corporates, we provide our services in personal manner. We take time to listen to our clients in order to fully understand their goals which enables us to be more proactive and creative in helping them achieve their business objectives.

Our Structure

Troca consists of a core number of small to medium-sized law, accounting and business consulting firms with offices in a number of key locations in Asia. The structure and continued growth of our network enables our group to provide a wide range of legal and consulting services, while maintaining efficiency by staying relatively small and manageable in size.

Our Fees

Due to lower overhead expenses our lawyers, finance and business experts, many of which were trained in both North America or Europe and in Asia, are able to offer our services at a lower cost than the professionals with similar backgrounds who work at traditional multinational law firms and other large

Legal Services in China and Hong Kong

Services for Canadian Businesses in China

Industry Specific Services

Services for Sports & Entertainment, Trading and Agriculture Businesses

Legal Services in Thailand

Legal Services for Chinese Businesses in Thailand & East Asia

Services for Individuals

Services for Canadians in China and Chinese Citizens in Canada